Showcasing the original works of Dean Murray & Susan Ing-Simmons


T o our website and thank you for stopping by. We are Dean & Sue - based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The visual arts, along with a common taste in music, has been one of our strongest bonds and played a major part in bringing us together. We have very different styles, which creates for a varied and interesting exhibition in our shared home.

ndebele art

Ndebele: designed & produced by Dean

Susan Ing-Simmons I am a very accurate draughtsperson, creating many portraits of celebrities, family and friends. I have also recently discovered a talent for painting landscapes in soft pastel. My preferred mediums are pencil and pastel but I have also dabbled in watercolours and acrylics. lady with labrador

credit: Apollo Photography

Dean Murray
"To put it simply: I LOVE colour!! (did the shirt give that away)? I do my best to bring this vibrance to my abstracts, and my choice of landscapes I work on depends very much on the colours present in the scene. Colour, to me, is as essential as the flavour of food - and both need to be exploding with absolute pleasure."
ndbele shirt

credit: Apollo Photography

To put it simply: I LOVE colour!

- Dean -

Co-Founder - A Refined Palette